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Cindy archer said:   December 26, 2016 7:24 am PST
i had been sick for about 10 years with autoimmune issues. I was on 24 prescriptions and weighed 90 lbs. I was on strong pain medicine that took my pain level from 10 to maybe a 7. Steve started working with me and I started getting better. He was able to take my pain level to a1 or less. Today I am doing great. The only prescription I take is for my thyroid. I am so thankful for Steve and Michelle. They have been extremely kind and helpful. So thankful for their knowledge and commitment to helping restore health.

catherine said:   December 1, 2016 9:17 am PST
I am so grateful to have been told to go see Steven. He and Michelle are both very knowledgeable and kind. They really care about making you well and what they give you works. I now happily recommend them to others as well. I personally and feeling better! Thank you both very much.

Joe and Elaine Martinez said:   November 11, 2016 6:39 am PST
This is Joe Martinez, we have been very happy with Steve and Michelle have been great they can do things that doctors can't figure out Steve saved my Wife from a liver transplant that the doctors wanted to give her. Steve detox her liver and within 2 weeks she was as if nothing had been wrong. We have been going there for over 15 years. Just wanted to say Thanks.

Karen Toomey said:   August 15, 2016 12:02 pm PST
I first met Steve back in 1996/97 ? Its been so long I have forgotten ! I came to him after meeting a woman at a deli in a gym who I confided in with my Endometriosis issues. That same day she referred me I went to see him. I had been on steroids for 9 months to slap me in menopause . Two surgeries and thru all of this the pain was still excruciating so they loaded me up on pain killers, and xanax. My body and mind were a wreck and my depression was off the chain. I will never forget walking in and being VERY reluctant but I had exhausted all other options. The first day he took my " vibes' and listened to my history put me on 3 formulas and we slowly started getting me off the pharmaceuticals.. Within 2 weeks I was feeling MUCH better and within 6 months I have never had any major issues ever to this day . I do maintenance of course and cleanse 2 times a year. I stopped all doctors meds that day. I have ADHD as well so my anxiety and depression flare up when life isnt going the way I would like . Again, I take herbs for the mind racing and no sleep . He was my saving grace at a time when I thought it was hopeless but the person he really helped was my mother.. In 1998 she flew here to see him from NC..Osteo- Athritis, Emphysema, bone loss in her mouth from menopause and steroid shots. She was always a small woman and those " Roids' put 20 pds on here.. She was not looking at much time here on earth. Steve worked with her for 2 weeks while she was here and she came back 2 times a year.. By the 2nd year her records came back that her bones in her mouth and body ( she was going to lose some teeth) were actually not depreciating anymore and getting better ! She lived about 13 years longer than what the docs had proposed and for this I am thankful ... I have also made some great friends at the clinic over the years..Michelle is wonderful and a sympathetic soul who wants only to help as does Steve... Thanks again you guys !!! Karen Dallas/Texas

Betse Lanier said:   July 31, 2016 7:12 am PST
My digestive problems first appeared in 1999. Doctors found nothing wrong. From there I moved to kinesthesiology, acupuncture, Network and Natural Health practitioners. All of these have helped but they have not been able to solve my digestive issues and they do not have further paths for doing so. A pharmacist in my yoga class suggested I see Stephen and Michelle. She now sees them herself. Their knowledge seems boundless. They diagnosed the underlying condition causing my digestive problems and have been working with me to solve that underlying condition and the problems it has caused in other organs. They are incredibly caring and Stephen's broad knowledge and positive attitude assures me that he and Michelle will resolve all these issues. They are exceptionally thoughtful and concern themselves with my emotional and financial issues as well as my health. They have become my partners in this journey. They are wonderful people!

Laura said:   July 17, 2016 8:46 am PST
Stephen and Michelle are wonderful! I have been going to Stephen for 8 years. I had 2 cancers at the same time and he got me thru chemo without the side effects that most experience and prevented one of the cancers from spreading until they finally found it. My oncologist even believes Stephen has been a big part of keeping me cancer free for all these years. They always take the time to help you and really care about healing you. It's amazing what they can tell you about what is going on inside of you. They have kept me healthy all these years and I am so grateful for all their care!! I do believe God led me to them!

Kathy said:   May 30, 2016 3:38 pm PST
Stephen met with my husband and I back in 2006 when we were trying to have a baby. The herbal medicine we purchased was a success in getting my body balanced and ready to conceive. We turned to Stephen two more times all within a 3 year period and had 3 beautiful healthy children within 3 years and 3 months! Today I'm struggling with a cyst in my spine that causes extreme pain in my lower left side all the way down my left leg. We turned to Stephen again and this time not just Stephen has been extremely helpful but Michelle has been a blessing too! We no longer live in Texas...I flew in to do a consultation and Michelle sends my refills in the mail and checks in on me regularly. The quality service and sincere concern for my health is refreshing in a world where you just don't find that type of service anymore. Because of the herbal medicines I'm taking the pain from the cyst is decreasing and as an added bonus the rest of my body is becoming balanced. Before deciding to give up on having children or having surgery I would recommend visiting Stephen and Michelle and see what they can help you with. There's nothing to loose A healthier you is just a visit away. Thank you Stephen and Michelle for helping me out so many times! Kathy Miami Florida

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