Greetings! With excited sad mixed emotions...After 20 wonderful years time is now here for us to leave our current Carrollton location! We Rejoice as Lord helps find our next wellness destination to glorify Christ with His healing hands with natural medicine!

Currently we will do mail orders/deliveries and private appointments at a remote location. To schedule please call, text, or email. We will notify you when we have our new address. Thank you all for your years of patronage sharing many special memories. 

Blessings and Honor In Wellness, Holistic Herbal Health

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Welcome to Our Clinic


Who Are We?

Holistic Herbal Health is a clinic and a shop of Chinese Herbal Medicine as it can best be used for your health care needs to achieve the results you seek. We provide a variety of services and products for achieving and maintaining clear health and a positive quality of life, or enhancing the quality of life you have already achieved.


We Can Provide:

  • Healing Programs designed for you specifically to achieve your goals of well-being, healing, health enhancement, or athletic performance.
  • Herbs and herbal formulas of the highest quality to support preventative health routines, healing programs, or health enhancement
  • Internationally recognized quality oolong and green teas for energy, cleansing, cholesterol management, and drinking pleasure.