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Patient's Testimonials



Below are Holistic Herbal Health patient's testimonials. These patients have been around for many years and are telling their story on how Chinese Medicine, Stephen Cook, Michele MacArthur, and most importantly the Lord has impacted them and their health.

Cindy Archer

Eleven years ago my body was infill-blown auto-immune flare up. Lupus, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, liver issues, kidney issues, stomach issues, extreme pain, my left hand shook so bad I couldn't write, insomnia---in other words, I was a mess. I was taking 24 prescriptions. I was a success story b/c I could drive myself to doctor visits. A friend told me about Steve and went with me to see him. He started working on me and I began to get better. I no longer counted the number of footsteps it would take to pick stuff up from the store. The only prescription I take is for my thyroid. When I started seeing Steve a "good " day on my pain was a 7. Now I am at1 or less. I now am getting to live again. So very thankful for Steve.

Steve Paul Tyson

I just wanted to say that Steve and Michelle are very effective at what they do, but more importantly they care about people. They really do help and the great thing about them is that because what they do really works your cost goes down instead of up! What a novel concept! Thanks for all you do

Nancy Webb

I started seeing Steve over 11 yrs ago He has seen me for numerous things. Parasites, kidney stones, back and knee issues, sinus/allergy, bronchitis, face break outs, fatigue, helped me take stress out of dealing with criminal elements and just life. Love, love his expertise in Chinese medicine and the time he gets to know you and your individual needs. I don't like to take antibiotics. I will take Chinese herbs, cough syrups; anything natural first. I have referred many people to Steve (Holistic Herbs) and the biggest skeptic was my parents who have seen him for over 8 yrs. He has helped eliminate my moms severe sinus infections, helped strengthen her kidneys, and so much more. My country dad has been to Steve, also and is taking the herbal pills. Both parents are 82 and have good health. I have witnessed many people being helped through his practice. Wonderful.

Albert Old Crow

It has been many moons since Stephen crossed my path and has treated me for many ailments, especially my allergies. I no longer have any issues with my allergies. I have witnessed Stephen pull individuals back from the brink of death, after the doctors had given them two weeks to live. Stephen takes the time for the individual who is sitting in the chair across from him as Michelle brings the stamina of a powerful female creature to balance the energy in the room. Through the use of the herbs and positive thinking, they provide a means to heal completely as opposed to putting a band-aid on the hurt.

Rodney and Rebecca Haigh

Stephen has assisted my wife and me along with the rest of our family, extended family and my mother in law for over 13 years. Stephen has shown the patience of Job with each of us, young or old, and aided us in improving our health. I am generally the type of person that is not convinced by what people say but their actions. Stephen's actions, along with Michelle's are enough to convince anyone that they are loving, caring people. And, you can be in no better hands.

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