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Your Health

Our Health Mission


We design programs and offer products for you that are unique to your needs. For initial consultations and follow-ups we employ Traditional Chinese Medical diagnostic techniques for evaluating the body's system as a means of offering the best herbal regimen to suite your healing or enhancement needs. 

Chinese Medicine & Your Health


A strength of Chinese Herbal Medicine is the ability to measure the strengths and shortcomings of an individual’s health, and the knowledge to match programs, remedies, and enhancers that are optimal for that person. This approach, when properly practiced, gets noticeable results quickly and efficiently, and gets those results deeply enough to be stable for the further unfolding of your health potential. 

How We Work


Our costs are for our products. We offer care in this “informal” setting so that Chinese Medicine can be more widely available to people willing to experiment with this type of health care which is somewhat new to the West. As we are still finding the perfect location it is important to schedule a Private Appointment, based on availability, for a fee. 

About Chinese Medicine


Herbal Programs

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a powerful tool for overcoming disease and health shortcomings without health-taxing or negative side effects. Such programs can also powerfully supplement the body for general health enhancement –anything from athletic routines to aggressive detoxification. And Chinese Herbal Medicine has been used by healthy people to improve strength and resistance for over 2000 years. Chinese Medicine properly applied is about quality of life... what you feel and experience.


What can Chinese Medicine Treat?


Chinese Medicine is a tried and true science with over 2,000 years of experience that has a tremendous amount of modern research behind it. Enduring experience and modern research support Chinese Medicine’s profound flexibility in treating nearly any condition either chronic or acute. It can even provide strong support for Western Medical programs, such as assistance in healing from surgery, broken bones, or chemo and radiation therapies for more information about all that can be treated please contact us. 


Is it for You?

Given the flexibility of Chinese Herbal Medicine we are confident it would be worth your time to have a consultation. It is likely that if you can take herbs, you can be treated and get results.